Thousand Oaks is the setting for the Sunset Beach Boulevard. The founding families of Thousand Oaks named it as this due to the thousands of oak trees around the area.


The town was founded by three families in the search of forturnes and better living for generations to come. In the early years of the series, Thousand Oaks was a small quiant town outside of Bridgeport. The families, at that time, didn't know each other when forming the town but the web of lies, mistrust, and love affairs would soon begin shortly thereafter.

Notable Stuff in Thousand Oaks

Notable Parts of Town

The fanous part of town is the Central Park which is located in the central point of town. This is the vocal point of most, if not all, of the festivities and holiday cheers are found. The other famous place in town is the local hangout called The Shamrock. The Shamrock is a nightclub that is known for the exclusive VIP Lounge.

Notable Families

The notable families of Thousand Oaks are: Crosby family, Livingston family, and the Schmidt family.



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