Sunset Beach Boulevard is a serial drama series that is based on a fictional families in a fictional place that is derived from a California town and deals with real life issues. Thousand Oaks is the town setting and it is filled with high life and high drama filled characters.


2008 to 2011

The concept of the series is basically the same format as the Soap Opera serial drama series format. It cast characters from the diverse crowd and mix it up with real life problems. The name of the series, characters, places, and events were unknown from the beginning and soon found the characters, few places in town, series name, and the town name. In 2009, the collaborative writing site, WEbook, has been granted permission to those who will help write the series. In 2010, the Sunset Beach Boulevard underwent major changes. One of the changes is to have more characters and situations from real life situations, dynamics of the families was altered in some degree, and became a collaborative project at an internet collaborative writing social media website that gained a writer in the process. In the tale end of 2010, the series went to the wayside and by the new year, 2011, the series was reworked. Final tweeks of the characters and places took place from January to August of 2011. By August 21, 2011, the Sunset Beach Boulevard Wiki was created to collaboratively be worked on from other writers throughout the world.

2012 and onward

On January 2, 2012, the process will be getting the attention its solely deserved and the writing aspect of the series will begin with new writers on the collaborative writing social media site.On February 29, 2012, it was announced that the show is currently being recorded for the launch date in September of the same year; which the airdate and format was announced in August 2011 in where the series would be a audio podcast with the length of each show yet to be determined but was said to be in the 5 to 15 minute range per episode. Also on February 2, the airdate of the pilot were set while the finale is tentatively set for August 2013 airdate but is indicated to air the finale in September of 2013.

Series overview

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
Season 1 TBA April 2, 2012 September 2013
Season 2 TBA September 2013 September 2014


Podcast release

It is scheduled for the previous episodes of the series will be available for listening an hour after the show has been aired on Talk Shoe and is soon to be on i-Tunes in the near future.

Season Episodes
Season 1 TBA
Season 2 TBA


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