Schmidt family


Schmidt Manor, 1001 Sunset Beach Boulevard, Thousand Oaks

Economic Status


Family Members

John Schmidt, Caroline Schmidt, John Schmidt Jr.

Family Connections

Charleston family, Crosby family

Family Enemies

Corinthos family, Lewis family, Livingston family

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The Schmidt family is the one of three families that founded Thousand Oaks. They are the elite of the elite families of the world. The cflass, wealth, and politics to earn the reputation as a ruthless and cutthroat family of them all.


The Schmidt family is one of the founding families of Thousand Oaks. They live in a lavish mansion on Sunset Beach Boulevard. John and Caroline Schmidt have been financially sounded since they got married. Their son, John Jr., is the computer wiz of the family. Carolines' family, the Charleston family, are noteworthy family of the neighboring town called Bourne. Every year, the Schmidts family goes to Bourne for the annual Christmas party. Caroline Schmidt is the heiress to the Charleston family fame and fortunes while her husband, John Schmidt, became wealthy as well in the stock market. The net wealth for the couple is at estimated $250 million dollars seperately but estimated $750 million dollars combined in US funds. The Charleston family net worth is some where in the 500 to 625 million dollars in revenue from hotel chains, advertising firm, law firm, and stocks while the Schmidt family has 250 million dollars earned by the stock market and real estate business. These are the estimates in 2011 figures and in early 2012, their income grow roughly twenty-five percent. Since John and Caroline's wedding day, they have created a combine business in their family that includes the Charleston's businesses, a brokerage firm, and a real estate firm.

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Schmidt family
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