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Micah Livingston is the father of Martin Livingston and husband to Mary Livingston (nee Lewis). He is the leader of the Livingston family and rules with an iron fist, but, has compassion for others in time of need. Micah is well known around Thousand Oaks for being a business tycoon and verging on Corporate level of business.


Micah is the patriarch of the family and rules the household with the iron first. He is a respectable businessman and well liked throughout the neighborhood. His wife, Mary, does everything she can to help raise their son Martin.

Character Description

Micah Livingston is the patriarch of the Livingston family and rule with an iron fist and yet has the compassion for others when its warrented. Married to his college sweetheart, Mary Livingston (nee Lewis), and has a son named Martin. Micah Livingston is traditionally old style of living with old family values such as no sexual interactions outside the sactity of marriage and never divorce of spouse; unless an affair happens. He is Roman Catholic and born in London, England, United Kingdom and move to the area when he was a teen. He mastered the Law School of Yale Law School and now is an associate lawyer in nearby town of Bourne. Mary is his secretary and both of them are true pioneers of the business with little to no romantic interactions at work. They always refer each other as Mr. Livingston and Mrs. Livingston while at work. He fiananced his sons law firm in Thousand Oaks and he, and his wife, departed the current law firm to be the head of the juniors law firm; however, Martin retains the owners.