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Sunset Beach Boulevard is a soap opera that centers around four founding families of Thousand Oaks.
The families are known for being the rich and famous, but, some of the new families are the ones making the fuss over the wealth of these families. Over time, these families will learn about each other and blackmail them to do whatever it takes to get the job done. This is the first of its kind to be a soap opera that is not on a traditional way of viewing, as the traditional way via television or radio; this soap opera, like Crime & Punishment and Law & Order series, are also on the podcast form (which is the new platform of the series are going to online business (see for details regarding Prospect Parks involvement with All My Children and One Live to Live series)).

Goals and Guidelines

Our goals and guidelines are easy to follow and direct to the point. This is a collaborative site that specifically deals with serial drama series or simply known as a soap opera. Our goal is to discuss the topics that we need to writes about in the story lines, create the story line accordingly to we agreed on, character development and surroundings of the fundamentals of this specific serial drama series.

Our Goals

Our goals is to entertain the general viewership with the fundamentally sounded story lines that anyone and everyone can relate to. There must be a level of knowledge of an on-going story with meaningful and substantial plot and twists that everyone expects and also unexpected turns in the road of the story. This is a serious project that anyone is welcomed to join and help, but, be warn that we do not take personal attacks, vandal, disrespect, flaming and anything that is not in good faith working relationship with the rest of the editors of this site.

Our Guidelines

Our guidelines are basically placed by common knowledge of the human race. Be mindful of others, respect the rulings from the administrators, no personal or professional attacks, no Religious attacks, and all other bad behavior will not be tolerated here. This will be taken seriously. Note to the wise, edit in good faith, ask permission to other editors or staff about changes that you or anyone else may think would be unacceptable on here. Anyone is welcomed to join and help out with the understanding of previously stated actions with one additional guideline and that is keep it in neutral point of view is always the standard no exceptions. Follow these conditions, you are a full ledge member of the crew.

Notable Information to Consider

If you have an idea or a story line, please use the talk page or the forums to get feedback. If it is approved by the staff, it will be placed into the established story line. With the script that has been finished and you or anyone else likes to make changes, of any kind, a discussion will be taken on the request of the user. With the approval of the majority of responding users, the finished product will reenter the editing phase for the changes that has been approved by the majority.

Site Information



Sundogs is the founder of this wiki and creator of the series. Sundogs makes the final decision on the action, unless majority of the site users or staff *which will be done at a later time) votes; then the action will be done in a timely fashion.

Useful Places of the Site

Community Portal

The Community Portal is the Community Notice Board. This is an useful place for discussions, votes, or site related talk that needs action by the staff.

The Forums

The Forums is the discussion thread portal that anyone is welcomed to use. At the current point of time, on August 23rd, 2011, there are two sections of the forums which are Help Desk and The Watercooler. The Help Desk is the administration or site regular spot to go to for new people or seasonal editors, or in some cases anyone, to go to to ask questions for help. This is also the place for asking to start an official thread for changes to the work of this site, The Watercooler is the this wikis off topic forum board that anyone, by some circumstances, are allowed to start discussion(s) on upcoming story lines or changes to current works. The Watercooler is also the place for ideas to be tossed around. More forum boards may be introduced later on if there are requests asking for one or more new forum board.

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