This is a list of families that are on the soap opera series Sunset Beach Boulevard. The founding families, Crosby - Livingston - Schmidt families were created in 2008 with the Charleston - Corinthos - Lewis families in 2009 and Smith in 2010. The large portion of the series is depicted on the Crosby - Livingston - Schmidt families but this will change after time. The first season of the Sunset Beach Boulevard started airing on April 2, 2012.

Major Families


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The Crosby family is one of three families of the founding township.


Main article: Livingston family

One of the founding families.


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Last of three families of Thousand Oaks.

Minor Cast

Charleston family

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The Charleston family is the parents of Caroline Schmidt.

Corinthos family

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This unknown family is very dark and minacing to the touch. This family is quote and unquote mafia royalty.

Lewis family

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Lewis family is the parents of Mary Livingston.

Mentioned Families

Smith family

The Smith family is Maggie Lewis' family and they are briefly mentioned in the early stages of the series.