Lewis family

Family Mebers

Beverly Lwis
MaggieLewis (nee Smith)
Mary Livingston (nee Lewis)

First Appearance

Mary Livingston - First Episode
Beverly and Maggie Lewis - Mentioned in first episode

Family Connection

Livingston family

Family Enemies

Crosby family, Schmidt family

Economic Status


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Main article: Livingston family

The Lewis family is known for its hospitalities and good will. Beverly Lewis is the head surgeon at the Thousand Oaks Hospital and his wife, Maggie Lewis (nee Smith), is an author. They both have one child, a daughter, named Mary Livingston, nee Lewis. All Lewis family members graduated from Yale University.


The Lewis family is the familyof Beverly, Naggie, and Mary. Mary married to the Livingston family. The both families are godd to each other and also good to the Corinthos family; which was married into the Livingston family. The Lewis family is known for their lavish lifestyle and lucrative money collections through threir business handlings. Beverly and Maggie (nee Smith) have a daughter named Mary Lewis who is married to Martin Livingston. Mary Livingston is the heiress to the Lewis family fortunes and dynasty.

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