John Schmidt
Vital statistics
Title Mr. John Schmidts
Gender Male
Race white
Residency Thousand Oaks
Profession Mayor
Economic Status Rich
Parents unknown
Siblings unknown
Spouse Caroline Schmidt
Children John Jr.
Other Relatives Charleston family
Family Connections Charleston family
Family Enemies Crosby family, Livingston family
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John Schmidt is the heir to the Schmidt family fame and fortune of the political career. Little to no information about his parents except that they were politicians. Married to Caroline Chalreston and have a son named John Schmidt Jr,.


John Schmidt was a focused child the Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt, whom were politicians and are successful. John graduated from Princeton Law School at the top of his class. Shortly thereafter, he started dating Caroline Charleston while practicing law at his fathers law firm where Mr. Schmidt worked at as an associate lawyer. After a two and a half year courtship, John and Caroline wed in a private ceremony on the Schmidt family home in Thousand Oaks. John and Caroline have one son, John Jr., and they started their own family business that combined their assets; which are law firm, hotel chain, advertisement agency firm, real estate, and stock brokerage. The Schmidt here now the richest family in Thousand Oaks with the boom of the Stock Market and Real Estate. They are closely connected to the Charleston family and the Crosby family. At times throughout the years, the Schmidt and Livingston families are, more or less, in and out of war with each other due to the ruthless nature of the Schmidts authorative control over the town.