Charleston family

First Appearance

Allen and Arlene Charleston(mentioned in 1 episode)
Caroline Schmidt (Appears in 1 episode)

Last Appearance



Allan Charleston (father)
Arlene Charleston (mother)
Caroline Schmidt (daughter)

Family Connections

Schmidt family

Family Enimies

Corinthos family

Economic Status


Main article: Schmidt family

Charleston family is Caroline Schmidts family from Bridgeport. Allen and Arlene Charleston are wealthy family who made fortunes by creating the resort town destination in Bourne, Bridgeport, and Thousand Oask.


Allan Charleston

Allem Cjar;estpm os tje fatjer pf Caroline and husband to Arlene Charleston. He founded the Charleston Hotels and Resorts in Bourne, Bridgeport, and Thousand Oaks.

Arlene Charleston

Arlene Charleston is the wife to Allen Charleston and mother to Caroline Schmidt. She helped her husbund by creating the Charleston Hotel and Resorts.

Caroline Schmidt

Main article: Caroline Schmidt

Caroline Schmidt, nee Charleston, is the daughter to Allan and Arlene Charleston and the heiress to the Charleston Hotel and Resorts fortunes.

Family Connections


The Charleston family ally is the Schmidt family. John Schmidt is best known for the business and real estate business.


The enemies to the Charleston family is the Corinthos family. The Corinthos family is known for the mafia business and execution hits.