Caroline Schmidt
Vital statistics
Title Mrs. Caroline C. Schmidt
Gender Female
Race White
Residency Schmidt Manor, 1001 Sunset Beach Boulevard, Thousand Oaks
Profession Business
Economic Status Rich (Heiress to Charleston family trust fund)
Parents Allan and Arlene Charleston
Siblings Only Child
Spouse John Schmidt
Children John Schmidt Jr.
Other Relatives Charleston family
Family Connections Charleston family and Crosby family
Family Enemies Corinthos family, Lewis family, and Livingston family
Caroline Schmidt

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Family Coonection

Charleston family

Family Enemies

Corinthos family

Economic Status

Rich (via trust fund / heiress to business fortunes)

For Charleston and Schmidt families, see Charleston family and Schmidt family.

Caroline Schmidt, nee Charleston, is an American heiress of the families business fortunes (parents busines Charleston Hotel and Resorts in Bourne, Bridgeport, and Thousand Oaks) and heiress to her husbands fortunes (via pensions, life insurance, and business perks), and she is a member of the country club. She married to John Schmidt and has a son named John Schmidt Jr. Her parents, Allan and Arlene Charleston, are highly successful duo in the hotel and real estate business.


Caroline is the only child of Allan and Arlene Charleston and grow up in the lavish lifestyle. She graduated from Yale University and married her college sweetheart name John Schmidt. Both have an only chold named after her husband, John Schmidt Jr. She is a founding member of the country club in the community and she is always on the whos-who list of events.

Family Connections

Charleston family

As the heiress of the family fourtunes, she made it clear that she will make money instead of losing it. She so happens to be an Economicist from Yale University.

Schmidt family

She married her college sweetheart name John Schmidt and had a son named John Jr. In total she is worth approximately fifty-five billion dollars (US currency).

Schmidt family
Caroline Schmidt